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Flat Fee Legal Protection for Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate

LEGAL PROTECTION for your REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION. Have an attorney review your documents before signing or if you do not have an agent, our office can draft all the necessary documents for you.
For a flat fee our attorney will review and discuss the legal documents and legal implications of what you are signing.
Review Services
Preparation/Negotiation Services
Prepare/Negotiate/Review – Contract Language in Purchase Sale Agreement
Prepare/Negotiate/Review – Contract Language in Lead Based Paint Addendum
Prepare/Negotiate/Review Contract Language in Disclosure Statement
Prepare/Negotiate/Review Inspection Report
Prepare/Negotiate/Review Resolution of Unacceptable Conditions
Review Closing Documents
Review Title Commitment
Review/Negotiate with Surveyor
Prepare/Negotiate/Review Mutual Cancellation Agreement
Prepare/Negotiate/Review Amendments to the Purchase Sale Agreement
Attend Closing
Communicate with Lender
Communicate with Title Company


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