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“Over the years, I have had law partners and been in law partnerships and office sharing arrangements. I have spent my share of money on advertising and overhead.”
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Kansas City Real Estate Attorney

What I found over the years is the overhead of such arrangements often made it very difficult for clients to pay the fees necessary to do a great job and also cover all of the expenses and overhead of such arrangements and advertising. In those instances, I found that I was not able to spend the time I wanted with clients and on client issues because a lot of the fee I was charging was simply going to cover the costs of my overhead.  As a result, in 2013 I committed myself to streamlining the cost of running my law practice. I am now able to offer quality legal services at rates far below those of my competition while at the same time allowing me more time to spend on the matters I am being hired to do. This makes for a more financially manageable relationship between attorney and client, and, as a result, provides a superior and more cost effective experience for my clients.

Kansas City’s Real Estate Attorney

“Despite the utilization of computer technology, the practice of law is, and will always be based on the attorney client relationship.”

The market for everything has dramatically changed with the advent of technology and this includes legal services. Today, more and more business is being transacted by e-mail, text, and internet. With computer technology and smart phones, we are able to send and receive e-mails, texts, attachments, and have face to face conversations all without driving or going anywhere.

The days of clients taking a half day off work to drive across town to see a lawyer are over for many people. There is simply not enough time in the day and with the technologies that exist today it is simply unnecessary. A large emphasis in my law practice is the utilization of computer technology and keeping overhead low. Chances are you are looking at this website as a result of a computer search. This fact, in and of itself, is proof of the changes that are occurring in the marketing of legal services.

I understand that hiring a real estate attorney may be something that you would prefer to not to do. I am sensitive to the real estate attorney client relationship and take that relationship very seriously.

I understand that you have a legal need and appreciate those clients that choose me to represent them. At the same time, I understand that clients are on a budget and the fees being charged must be justifiable for the real estate attorney client relationship to work.

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