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WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF SELLING YOUR HOUSE FOR SALE BY OWNER WITHOUT A REALTOR? The biggest reason to consider some form of FSBO is the money you may save. …

According to today’s KC Star Average long-term mortgage rates rose slightly this week but remained near their lows for the year. Mortgage company Freddie Mac said the nationwide average for a 30 year loan increase to 4.14% from 4.12 last week. The average for the 15 year mortgage rose to 3.27 from 3.23 last week. Mortgage rates are below levels of a year ago. They have fallen in recent weeks after climbing last summer when the Federal Reserve began talking about about reducing the monthly bond purchases it was making to keep long-term borrowing rates low.

According to KC Star 8/6/2014 U.S. home prices rose in June 2014 by the smallest year over year amount in 20 months, slowed by modest sales and more properties coming on the market. Data provider Core-Logic said prices rose 7.5% in June compared with 12 months earlier. That’s a solid gain but less than 8.3% year over year increase in May and a recent year to year peak of 11.9% in February. Month to month, June prices rose just 1.4% in May. But CoreLogic’s monthly figures are not adjusted for seasonal patterns, such as warmer spring weather. The slowing price gains should make buying a house more affordable. Prices had risen sharply last year, along with mortgage rates.