My grandfather was ill and we were told by the doctor to put his affairs in order. We called Mark to do a Beneficiary Deed and he was able to draft the Deed for signature the same day we called. Needless to say my grandfather passed away 3 days later allowing us to avoid probate altogether because his house was his only asset. This allowed us to ultimately sell the property quickly and split the proceeds among myself and my brother and sister which was what my grandfather wanted. I would recommend Mark to anyone needing a real estate lawyer. Mike Larson,
We sold our house FSBO and went to closing and it turned out that there were several liens against our house that we were unaware of. Mark was able to get the liens settled and removed and we were able to sell our home. We called all over town and never did speak with an attorney but Mark spoke to us on the first telephone call and took over from there. I do not know what we would have done if Mark had not helped us. James Tuttle,
We came to Mark because my siblings were unwilling to talk regarding property left for us and did not know what to do. Mark helped with selling the property and reaching agreements among my brothers and sisters and formalizing those agreements. It really helped that he was both a lawyer and a broker so he was able to take care of everything. Julie Wyatt,
I was in bankruptcy and needed to sell 20 acres of land. Mark was able to work with the Bankruptcy Trustee and file all the paperwork with the Bankruptcy Court and after getting approval from the Bankruptcy Trustee I was able to sell my 20 acres. Robert Anderson,
I went to closing on my house and was told by the title company that I could not get title insurance because my ex-spouse had a marital interest in my property. Mark was able to file a Quite Title action and clear the title and after doing so sold my house above list price. He also agreed to get paid his attorney fee's on the quite title action from the closing of the house. I would not have been able to get it all done any other way. Lise Gomez,
Mark and his staff are very professional. His fee's were reasonable and I was always able to talk to him directly when I needed to talk to him about my case. Andy Walford,