There are a lot of challenges to running a real estate brokerage...agents, buyers, sellers, inspectors, appraisers, surveyors, and the Real Estate Commission to name a few. Most often, the legal issues arise from a commission dispute, or an issue relating to procuring cause, incomplete disclosure statement, or failure to follow the rules and procedures of the brokerage or real estate commission.

As a broker you are responsible for that acts of your agents. At times, you may find that one of your agents is doing something or not doing something that is dictated by your companies operating policies. Since you are ultimately responsible for the acts of your agents, it is very important to have policies and procedures in place for agents to refer to. It is also important to have regular meetings to ensure compliance with those policies and procedures.

As a broker, you play a critically important role in the process of purchasing and selling real estate. As you know, many rules are in place to guide and direct you in the operation of your brokerage.

These rules and guidelines exist for a reason and must be paid attention to and strictly followed to avoid trouble. If you are a broker and would like guidance or advice our office is here to help you.