“Real estate investors purchase property for only one reason ? investment (cash flow, appreciation, and depreciation).”

Real estate investors purchase property for only one reason  investment (cash flow, appreciation, and depreciation). Real estate investors do not typically live in the properties being purchased making them non-owner occupied. The property is purchased either to rent or flip and resell. Sometime properties are wholesaled where the buyer is buying and already has another buyer before the property closes at which time the investor assigns his interest in the contract over to the new buyer, never takes title, and earns an assignment fee for his efforts. Investors also have needs to remove tenants, or to help develop rules and guidelines for multi-family properties (apartments). Sometimes investors buy mortgage notes and need to remove the occupant and need an eviction or foreclosure. Investors review a lot of contracts and from time to time have specific concerns and want contract language to be reviewed.

I own my own properties as a real estate investor and own my own real estate brokerage. I understand the challenges associated with buying, selling, and renting real properties. One of the unique advantages I have over my competitors is that I can represent you as both a real estate agent/broker and as an attorney.

As I think this website reflects, I enjoy all aspects of real estate. I have learned over the years that it is important to enjoy what you do, and that it is very difficult to be good at something you do not enjoy. As I enjoy what I do, it makes the process easier and more enjoyable for you as well. A real estate transaction does not have to be any more difficult than it already is. Let me handle the fine print so you can do what you do – buy, sell, and hold investment properties – build equity, generate cash flow.

Most contract reviews and contract construction can be done via e-mail without the necessity of an appointment. If you are an investor and need a lawyer in Kansas City call our office. I understand the challenges and difficulties of being an investor and want the opportunity to assist in your investment decisions.

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July 2024